About us

Who are we ?

Esfahan Sub-contracting Partnership eXchange (ESPX) was founded in 2009 as a section of Esfahan chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture in IRAN and now offering its services in cooperation with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). It serves to encourage small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) who are willing to expand their business. It makes training organizations and announces them to our members according to the training requirements of subcontractors. It also makes buyers able to access profiled and validated suppliers. 

It performs activities to encourage subcontractors towards develop their foreign market share and enable them to penetrate new markets. It carries out matchmaking events between our subcontractors and national and international industrialists.

ESPX Services :

•Profiling and creating data bases from contractor companies  and their capabilities.
•Networking and promoting team working among members.
•Holding tours for main companies to become familiar with supplier's capabilities (partnership days)
•Validating members and evaluating  their technical,  financial  and quality  capabilities.
•Coordinating and joint participating in national and international exhibitions.
•Providing catalogs, leaflets and other advertising tools for introducing members and their capabilities.
•Presenting general educating, technical skills , specialized and practical  trainings.
•Presenting specialized consultancy to members and setting up industrial clinic.
•Supply days and partnership days.


ESPX is a none-profit & none-governmental organization. All its services is totally free and their costs payed with Esfahan chamber of commerce, industries, mines & agriculture


Are you a buyer?

•ESPX opening up new supplier sources to you for gaining cost efficient, high quality and  reliable Iranian supplier.
•You gain access to supplier databases of profiled validated suppliers of semi-finished goods and industrial services using ESPX;
•ESPX getting you assistance to find appropriate suppliers for RFQs;
•You get B2B facilitation services at national and international fairs by ESPX;

Are you a supplier?

•Via ESPX you find new market opportunities by working with major buyers at the national and international level;
•ESPX Benchmark your performance and practices to develop your capacity for upgrading;


Esfahan SPX

Your Dedicated Reliable Matchmaker

Data of the capacities and capabilities of SMEs are collated to be promoted among buyers by ESPX because of customized support to buyers looking for competitive local suppliers. ESPX database now consists more than 200 validated suppliers of semi-finished goods and industrial services profiles in following sectors:

•Machinery, equipment and parts of :

•Steel industries
•Energy (oil, gas, refinery, petrochemicals)
•Power plants
•Automotive (heavy vehicle , car style)
•Textile industries
•General manufacturing
•Industrial services

And also you can use the ESPX connection network among more than 1000 industrial units all over Iran.



SPX Buyer Engagement (matchmaking)

ESPX exists to link buyers and suppliers through matchmaking and the Program reaches out to suppliers of goods and services and offers Iranian and international buyers a one-stop opportunity to quickly narrow down the search for credible local suppliers. ESPX enables buyer to invite and receive RFQ responses, to inform themselves about which companies are actively seeking to reach world class standards of practice and performance and to understand the best way how to support supplier business improvement activities for mutual advantage. 


The Service of Esfahan Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange organizes training programs and seminars in various sectors periodically. According to demands of our subcontractors, several training programs are organized and also ESPX offering the members consulting cervices in need.