Date : 2017 Thursday 26 Jan
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Esfahan SPX in midest 2016

Iranian subcontractors in the world’s largest industrial subcontracting network under the umbrella of UNIDO SPX

11 Iranian subcontractors present their capacities and unique advantages for supplying global projects

MIDEST is the sole international show to specialize in industrial subcontracting. Conceived both as a network and a catalyst for industry, it makes it possible to initiate, consolidate and develop opportunities of all kinds for collaboration between those involved in the design and production of made-to-measure parts or sub-assemblies.The show plays a decisive role in establishing relationships between customers and subcontractors, offering them an event that is both human in scale and friendly in atmosphere where they can evaluate and refine their panel of subcontractors, identify the right partners, forge the contacts that will be crucial to the success of their projects, gather information and discuss key industry topics and discover and gain an understanding of trends in technology and innovations.

By the helping hand of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, industries, mines and agriculture it was available for Iranian subcontractors to present their capacity of supplying international projects in midest 2016 which they were registered as SPX members.

These 11 Esfahan SPX supplier members were also the representatives of the Middle East, alone.


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